• Christine Stevens

Record Number of Americans Failed to Refill Prozac Prescriptions in January 2021

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC: In what doctors are calling ‘an unprecedented mass pharmacological extinction event,” millions of Americans have stopped refilling their anti-depressant prescriptions.

The phenomenon began in January, reaching a peak on January 20. On that day, an estimated 1,785,312 refills for popular brands such as Prozac, Zoloft, Xanax and Paxil simply did not occur.

Drug makers are scrambling to discover why, as stock prices for big Pharma’s biggest players have taken a tumble. “We suspect a certain amount of optimism surrounding the corona virus vaccine may have played a part,” said Austin Feckby, spokesperson for Gargantek Pharmaceuticals, makers of anti-anxiety drugs Oblyterix and Xonouta. “That, or people just skipped dry January this year and self medicated with alcohol and weed instead.”

Investigators are looking into a possible correlation between this event and the record increase in new anti-depressant prescriptions the pharmaceutical industry enjoyed starting in November, 2016.

by Christine Stevens

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