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It’s Women’s History Month! Excerpts from The History Channel’s Website: “This Day in History List”

Lots of Men Doing Historical Things, Reinterpreted and, After a Superficial Google Search, Some Unauthorized Additions

March 3, This Day in History

American Revolution

1776: A Man goes on a secret mission to France.

Cold War

1952: The Supreme Court which is made up entirely of Men, makes a ruling about Communists

and Teachers.

Science and Invention

2009: A super luxurious car designed by a Man and built by a company founded by Men that costs $523,870 and no one really buys, goes on sale.

1991: Charlotte Moore Sitterly, American astrophysicist, who detected unstable elements and made major contributions to the compilation of tables for atomic energy levels associated with optical spectra, dies on this day. Literally a Rocket Scientist. But you won’t read about it here! Cars are way more sexy.


1873: The All-Male Congress passes a law that bans the sending of obscene material through the mail including anything about abortion.

1991: A bunch of white Men police officers beat up a black Man, caught on video. The subsequent acquittal of the officers sparks race riots throughout Los Angeles.

Never: Apparently not a single crime was committed by a woman on this day throughout all of recorded history.

Art, Literature, Film History

1875: A Man premieres an opera in Paris about a woman named Carmen who gets killed by a Man when she tells him she doesn’t want to date him anymore.

1893: Beatrice Wood, artist and studio potter involved in the Avant Garde movement in the United States is born. Referred to as the “Mama of Dada.” That right there is worthy of mention, but what will you find about her on this page? Nada.

1915: A racist movie made by a Man about the Ku Klux Klan and their treatment of black Americans opens in New York.

1926: A Man poet is born, son of the Merrill-Lynch dynasty and gets a big prize when he’s older for writing about his parents divorce.

1931: A Man President declares a War Song written by a Man in 1814 as The Official Anthem of the United States.


1955: Katharine Drexel, only the second US born woman to be made a Saint by the Catholic Church, dies. Patron Saint of racial justice and philanthropists. She’s a fucking Saint and you don’t include her? Jesus Christ. What does it take?


1875: A Man in Canada holds the first indoor Hockey Game. I kid you not.

1962: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic. Gold. Medalist. One of the all-time greatest athletes EVER is born on this day, but you won’t see any mention of her on this page. She’s a Woman! She’s a Champion! And indoor hockey in Canada is waaaay more interesting? Ahhhhhhh!!!!


1913: A women’s suffrage march for Voting Rights in Washington DC is attacked by angry onlookers as police stand by. The women are kicked and spat on. To maximize attention, the march occurs the day before Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration. Widely credited with giving the suffrage movement a new wave of inspiration and purpose. And yet, not a peep on this page during WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH!

by Christine Stevens


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