• Christine Stevens

In Signs of a Return to Normalcy, Americans Begin Shooting Each Other Again

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

May 20th, 2020

With quarantine restrictions loosening in most states, Americans are feeling comfortable with the return to some normal daily activities, including a return to shooting each other in public places.

5 days after lifting restrictions, Arizona nailed its first mass shooting.

Whispering from his shelter in place at the Westgate Mall outside of Phoenix AZ, 35 year old Oscar Brown said, “While I’m currently scared shitless, it somehow feels, well, normal after such a long time of not feeling normal. Quarantining with my mother and her boyfriend was rough.”

Not everyone agrees. Texting from her hiding spot in the dressing room of H&M, employee Sierra Miller commented, “It was bad enough being forced back to work with the pandemic still raging so this is definitely pushing me over the edge. I think I’d rather starve to death than be shot or sickened in the service of selling flounced kaftans and elasticized wide cut pants. ”

The nation’s students, however, are still experiencing an unusual dearth of gun violence. Not surprisingly, March 2020 was the first month since 2002 without a school shooting. With schools still mostly closed, this streak is likely to continue through June, an unprecedented occurrence for anyone born after 1997. “That, like, just feels weird,” said senior Kelsey Lewis after she received her diploma via drone drop on the county fairgrounds.

Between March and May, churches and nightclubs also saw a dip in massacres, a situation likely to correct itself in the coming weeks as states resume Sunday services and partying.

Armed white men storming state capitals are being credited for getting the US back to what it does so consistently: Using our 2nd Amendment right to justify supplying the citizenry with high powered weapons with the capacity to slaughter the multitudes and employing a congress that does absolutely nothing to stop it.

by Christine Stevens

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