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Alabama Woman Speaks Out After Husband Electrocuted While Jamming Fork Into Light Socket

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

BIRMINGHAM, AL: An Alabama woman’s life was turned upside down when her healthy, athletic husband landed in the hospital after sticking a metal fork into an electrical outlet.

Brady Buntner, a furniture salesman from Chilton County, and his family are speaking out to warn the public of the dangers of sticking forks into light sockets.

His wife, Bonnie Buntner, told ABC News that her husband didn’t think he could get electrocuted by a live outlet because he never had before.

When asked if he had ever tried to put a metal fork into a socket before, she replied “No, this was the first time. So, we want to warn all Americans - this is real. If you put a metal eating utensil into a socket, you will get electrocuted. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can prevent this sort of tragedy by not doing what Brady did. We want to encourage all Americans to keep your forks - knives too - out of your electrical outlets.” She added, "We're not out to condemn or condone or to get into any of the political side of it, we just wanted to share our experience."

Buntner said being in the hospital was a "scary experience," adding, "It’s nothing to joke with." When asked why he tried to put a fork into a socket, Buntner said it was “a personal choice.”

Buntner was discharged after only 2 ½ hours to free up a bed for yet another unvaccinated citizen with the corona virus.

In a related story, a Texas woman is speaking out about the dangers of texting while driving at high speeds after she suffered severe injuries in an automobile collision that killed 3 others. Amy Smithers of Houston was writing a text to her dog walker while driving southbound on I-45 when she collided with a car carrying a mother and 2 children.

“I just want to warn all Americans - this is real. If you text and drive, there is a good chance you will have an accident and hurt yourself. And maybe someone else too,” Smithers said from her hospital bed at Houston Methodist. “I’m not out to condemn or condone or get into any of the political side of it, I just wanted to share my experience. Open your eyes, people... or just keep them on the road, not on your phone."

The mother and children have yet to be identified, pending notification of next of kin.

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